Do I need a degree in statistics to understand it?

No way! Our company motto is “Complex Calculations Made Easy to Understand” and we live up to that motto. Our text report contains our conclusions presented in the style of a management report. Our executive summary may lead with a conclusion such as “There is a 25% chance that the perpetual care fund will run out of money at some time within the next 100 years.” We get frequent praise for the understandability of our reports. Indeed our model is a very rigorous financial model incorporating stochastic simulations (layman’s term - “Monte Carlo Analysis”). Yet during our analysis of the results of the model, we ask ourselves questions about your perpetual care fund that we believe you would ask us; then dive into the statistics of the model to get the answer. The answers to these questions compose the bulk of the executive summary portion of our report. We do have a redacted version of the executive summary of a perpetual care adequacy analysis available for your review if you request.

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